Editing, manipulating, presenting, sharing pictures and images

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great for putting photos together in a film clip; you can choose music to go with the clip, too
for a record of a school trip; can then put on vle if you have permission for publicising photos of pupils on internet (NB we always take photos without kids in too!) or on entrance hall display
- could also link with drama aspects of literacy. Could record freezeframes using digital photos and put together

Have used for a video tour of the school here.
An absolute fave with the children (they told me about it!) The text created should be saved as a picture (right click, save as picture) when it is to be uploaded to a learning platform/website/blog and acknowledgement given to cooltext.
This animated text has been successfully on a learning platform/website/blog on homepages, etc.

great way to generate word clouds, either by writing in/pasting text/whole website link
- have used for topic work, as visual representation of the words that have come up, then added the image to the vle
- have also used on a blog to show which words have been used the most/which is most popular
- have read about it being used in the editing process of writing - children can highlight the most common words, then go back to improve their writing by using a wider variety of words
see this page

cross curricular
A freeware download that allows the creation of picture with images within the images.
An image was used of a snowy forest, within that an image of a cottage living room was placed, then within that images of different features of a living room with great details. It was used to develop descriptions to use in a poem.
Youtube walkthrough

cross curricular
An online tool for mixing photos and videoclips together and add music and words. More herefrom sitestouse.com
Pupils could create a record of a school trip or a special event that has happened in school. They could also use it to re-tell stories or summarise what they have learnt in a topic.
How to guide by Jan Webb

D&T, Art, Maths
3D drawing package from Google
Designing, modelling, all aspects of shape and space in maths. Could use to make 3D words, too
How to-Extensive Video Tutorials

cross curricular, Art, ICT
An online tool for editing photos, creating animations on a photo, cutting people out of images, layering, adding effects, re-sizing, etc.
Adapting and changing a photo from winter to spring; change style of photo by drawing on top to create a Monet-style landscape or Warhol-style portrait.
How to tutorials from the site

Image manipulation across all of curriculum
Think Photoshop, now think Free! Text and graphics, vector and image manipulation. Is available via Google Marketplace to go into Google Apps.
Book covers, changing the style of a picture, altering images, improving images, creatign logos - list could go on and on
Help tutorials built in

Image manipulation across all of curriculum
A free download; allows groups of photographs to be put together as a collage; facial recognition helps in arrangement; Educators can sign in to Partners in Learning network using a hotmail/windows live id for the free download;
Project work, highlights of the week/month/term etc, added to learning platforms/blogs/websites - we even used an autocollage to prepare front covers for new school planners!
How to guide- written

Video guide

online painting tool
Allows online image creation, editing with filters, brushes and a range of effects
various projects that require image creation/editing; ability to use online at home with no expensive software makes it accessible for many learners.
support and information provided on the site itself

online media creation
creating motion painting, still life, collages, abstract art
Some amazing effects! Various creative projects could use this tool.
support and information provided on the site itself