Manipulating Music and Sound

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Record sound, edit
freeware download

Save files as wav files to use easily eg uploading to the vle
We have used audacity to make weekly podcasts, interview special visitors to school, record presentations made to the class etc. They are then published (as RSS for the podcast) on the learning platform. The ability to see the soundwaves can also be used to discuss differences in emphasis and the use of silence in performance poetry.
How toguides by Phil Bagge

sound effects
free sound effects
We added animal sound effects to "radio" adverts for saving the rainforest - adding on a separate audacity track to the voiceover.
This is so simple to use, it doesn't really need a guide, but if you want a quick look, try this

Jam Studio
Composition tool
online tool for creating music
Composition aspects of music; creating royalty free backing tracks for other work that will be made public
youtubeguide to using jamstudio

Record and publish sound
online tool; final recording can be embedded on a learning platform
Can be used for reflective audio blogs, audio planning for writing (or other tasks), developing expression in speaking and listening skills.
How To guide - thanks to Peter Richardson

Real-time sequencing tool
Very clever online instruments for creating music, esp. dance and electronic compositions
Dance tracks and ambient cool vibes. Pupils can choose a template, try the tone-matrix to start, just click in the box and the sounds play. More complex tools are there but clicking and twiddling the knobs will change envelope shapes and stuff. A real 'what happens if i change this?' tool, especially for whizz Upper Key stage 2 and KS/4 pupils
How To

The drum machine is slightly different now but I still worked it out, Will Jing a how-to asap

Very like Garageband - multiple uses in Music or sound work
Has range of loops to use but also will record.
Build up multiple tracks, combine, modify levels, alter effects of tracks.....amazing
Very intuitive, but has built in tutorials

Composing/creating own songs
A free download; automatically adds appropriate backing to a what you sing in the chosen genre; Educators can sign in to Partners in Learning network using a hotmail/windows live id for the free download;
We've used it to prepare pupils' own backing tracks for stop-frame animations and for other projects where we want copyright free music. Great for making up times tables songs, etc
Video guide