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can be used for literacy, but is cross-curricular
use online
from Tom Barrett
How tofrom Peter Richardson

Word It Out
can be used for literacy, but is cross-curricular
use online; very similar uses to wordle, but with simpler editing options
Looking for the repetitive language in a traditional tale
How to from Jan Webb

full details here

full details here
Voki states 13+ only in it's ToS so need to be careful with its use in primary schools.

Use in Literacy or cross-curricular work on fiction writing,
Use online-Free Beta version at the moment.
A great example form Stuart Ridout
How to from ilearn blog
Use in fiction writing units
Online Fairy Tale generator
Uses a series of character tick boxes to generate a piece of text.

Instructions for use
Use in explaining-
Traditional tales units
Literacy, cross curricular
Enables the production of an online book; can include own or gallery images, video and audio.

How to part 1
How to part 2
For making fiction and non-fiction books in any subject area!
literacy, cross curricular
Produces word clouds in a similar way to Wordle; words have links to web pages. More confident users can edit the embed code so the words will link to a page of your choosing.
Could be created then embedded into a learning platform to make links to other pages within the site.