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a tool for preparing animations and games
freeware - can download directly to computer (more complex than pivot stick animator and more control functions)
- has been used with a group at ICT club to prepare animations - animate a nursery rhyme well enough that we can guess which one you're describing
- the control features are useful for upper ks2 ICT
Scratch support videos

Suggestions from Simon Haughton Part 1,
Part 2 and Part 3

How to create a simple game - Instructions here

Pivot Stick Animator
a tool for preparing animations
freeware - can download directly to computer (less complex than scratch). more here
- used with ICT club to prepare animations of nursery rhymes
- useful for stop frame animation units and introducing concept of changing small aspect of character at a time
- simple enough for lower ks2, scope for older pupils too

a tool for preparing animations; thanks to @gvibes for sharing at BETT
use online
-pupils telling own stories
-stimulus for writing
How to guide by @DigitalMaverick
Youtube guide by mwatson126007

Domo Animate
A classroom friendly version of goanimate
Animation creation; can embed finished animations in learning platform
Story telling, project work
Introduction via
Malcolm Wilson

Animations, game creation, control/giving instructions
Tremendously powerful tool that can be used in many different curriculum areas....Free download.
Pupils can use the programme to be creators of their own games/animations; lots of fun!!!!
Guides and Tutorials included in downloaded programme